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Sylvia Sy Chartered Professional Accountant is your go-to tax accounting and tax advisor for small medium businesses in British Columbia. Having worked with local businesses for decades, Sylvia Sy has the experience and expertise to deal with the complexities of your business’ tax situation.

Compared to personal tax returns, corporate tax returns have an added requirement of the preparation of financial statements. Corporate financials and taxes are typically further complicated by topics such as payroll remittances, sales tax filings, inter-company and associate company transactions, transactions involving multiple currencies and other common tax issues faced by companies in British Columbia.

For sole proprietors and self employed individuals who are not incorporated, we understand you have unique needs and concerns with regards to your personal tax returns. Click here.

For business owners who are trying to optimize tax obligations on a personal basis, we also take care of your personal tax returns. Click here to learn more.

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Sylvia Sy and her team are committed to your success. We strive for excellence in practice and service. We stay current on the latest tax laws and accounting changes. Diligence and accuracy are of utmost importance in our firm. We place a high emphasis on a positive customer experience, conducting ourselves with integrity and professionalism.

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