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Since tax laws and regulations can be very complicated, many people prefer to leave the preparation of these important documents to a professional. Sylvia Sy, Chartered Professional Accountant, offers over 30 years of experience in preparing both professional and personal tax returns, giving you the peace of mind you need that your financial documents will be prepared accurately and filed correctly.

Sylvia Sy makes sure your personal income taxes are calculated properly. In addition, we ensure you have included all your tax credits to minimize your tax bill where possible. Common topics such as principal residence, deductions on charitable donations, medical expenses – Sylvia and the team will make sure everything is properly accounted for.

For sole proprietors and self-employed individuals who are not incorporated, we understand you have unique needs and concerns with regards to your personal tax returns. Click here.

For small and medium size business owners who are incorporated, we will ensure both your corporate tax returns and financial statements are done properly. Click here.

For other services, click here.

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Sylvia Sy and her team are committed to your success. We strive for excellence in practice and service. We stay current on the latest tax laws and accounting changes. Diligence and accuracy are of utmost importance in our firm. We place a high emphasis on a positive customer experience, conducting ourselves with integrity and professionalism.

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