Trust and Estate Filings

Trusts and estates are subject to special tax provisions under Canadian tax law and carry a set of unique tax reporting obligations. 

Sylvia Sy Chartered Professional Accountant have the expertise and professionalism to assist you and ensure the trust or estate is compliant with Canadian tax law. Sylvia Sy and her team has handled many different issues related to trust filings and estate filings. Trustees and beneficiaries who worked with Sylvia Sy Chartered Professional Accountant enjoyed a hassle free experience when it comes to accounting and taxes. 

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Sylvia Sy and her team are committed to your success. We strive for excellence in practice and service. We stay current on the latest tax laws and accounting changes. Diligence and accuracy are of utmost importance in our firm. We place a high emphasis on a positive customer experience, conducting ourselves with integrity and professionalism.

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